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5M Dome

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Geodesic domes are a versatile and widely employed architectural structure for a variety of applications, including but not limited to, farmhouses, scenic resorts, outdoor events, and exhibitions.

Door – Included


These structures are renowned for their unique design and durability, which make them especially suitable for withstanding harsh weather conditions. Due to their high-strength-to-weight ratio, geodesic dome tents can be transported and assembled with ease, making them a popular choice for temporary structures. Their distinctive shape also provides an aesthetically pleasing and memorable experience for guests.

It has the following characteristics:

  • The main body of a tent is a crucial component that ensures safety and reliability for users. In this regard, a triangular grid design structure and high-strength pipes are utilized to shape a sturdy main body. This design choice guarantees that users will not have to worry about the possibility of collapse or other safety issues. The use of these high-strength materials, along with the triangular grid design, provides an added level of reassurance, and users can be confident in the tent's stability and reliability.
  • The spherical shape of an object is not only visually attractive but also serves practical purposes. It effectively reduces wind resistance and can resist powerful typhoons. Furthermore, it provides an additional layer of safety, making it a preferred choice for many applications.
  • The selection of diameters is a crucial aspect for a variety of establishments and events, such as theme restaurants, outdoor activities, venue activities, bars, hotels, and event promotion. It is imperative to choose the appropriate diameter to ensure optimal functionality and customer satisfaction. Due to the broad range of available diameters, careful consideration must be given to select the most suitable option for the intended purpose. This decision holds great significance, as it can affect the overall success of the business or event.


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Thermal Insulation

High Temperature Resistance

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